Cliqpod is a digital marketing company serving content to millions of users.We create, grow and monetize a collection of websites and mobile apps.

This is us

We started as a founding team of three with a background in data and software development. We were lucky to hire talented content specialists and designers who have helped us to improve and expand our products.

We work with dozens of experts in ad tech, software development, data architecture and content marketing arround the world to complement our inhouse knowledge.

Where we are

We are headquartered in Barcelona, Spain located at Cloudworks Sant Joan on the top floor with views over the city.


Our base is Barcelona but we are building a global team. We believe our company can strive with great talent that works remotely.


The center of our product portfolio is word puzzles and word games.

We serve more than 20M users and 200M page views monthly.Word.Tips is our flagship website with more than 6M monthly users and ~100M monthly pageviews. The core of the website is a best in class anagram engine that helps enthusiastic word gamers sharpen their helps users to solve tricky crossword puzzles from over 20 different newspapers and outlets. We use a full text search engine to generate the best results for the user. The underlying data consists of more than 7M clues that grows every day.


We build with Vue/Nuxt and Ruby on Rails. Our heavy lifting is done by GoLang. Our mobile apps are based on Flutter. We style with Tailwind and Bootstrap.

Work for Cliqpod?

We are hiring developers, data analysts, product managers. Our focus is to remain small in size, therefore we are looking for talent with exceptional ownership and abilities to work independently.